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Fic: "Entangled" [Kanda/Allen]

Slap me thrice and hand me to me mama - I've actually written something! o.O I've had a writer's block for maybe three months, and I'm still wondering if the muses really are back this time - maybe they're just fuckin' with mah head? xD

Title: Entangled
Author: rommipullo
Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Pairing: Kanda/Allen
Word Count: 477
Rating: PG-13...R...ish?
Warnings: There's something that resembles porn. Nothing explicit, but... yeah.
Summary: But what he loved most about those long, dark bangs was the way they fell over and around his face, the way they shut out everything else, leaving the two boys alone in the world.
Disclaimer: I own nothing - nothing, I tell you. 'Tis sad, very sad.
A/N: My first Kanda/Allen drabble. WOOT! *party* It started out as me making Allen obsess over Kanda's hair, but evolved from there - thank god! xD - and now it actually makes some sense, I think... I hope.
Oh, and if you find any errors, just let me know, okay? I've read this so many times that my brain can't take it anymore, and I've sure as hell missed something.

Allen loved the feel of Kanda's hair brushing over his chest, his shoulders, his cheeks as the older exorcist moved on him, in him, with a slow, rhythmic pace that almost drove him insane, that made him moan for moremoremore and claw at Kanda's back, leaving angry red marks on pale skin. He loved the way it tickled his throat when Kanda slowly but surely started to pick up the pace, thrusting harder and harder, faster and faster into the younger boy, making him cry out and grab strands of blue, breath hitching, bright eyes clouded over with lust and something else, something that neither of the two wanted to understand or acknowledge. He loved its silky softness against his lips when Kanda thrust into him one last desperate time before letting out a soft moan of contentment, something so unlike the swordsman that it made Allen shiver, his grip on the other's hair tightening as that lone, small noise finally drove him over the edge.

But what he loved most about those long, dark bangs, what he could never stop thinking about, was the way they fell over and around his face when Kanda let himself collapse on top of him, the way they made him unable to see nothing but dark, glinting eyes, the way they shut out everything else, leaving the two boys alone in the world. During that moment, that fraction of a second when the two exorcists lay there, forehead against forehead, nose against nose, mouth hovering over mouth, ragged breathing returning to normal, it was at that moment that Allen always thought he saw Kanda look at him with affection, with something more, with something he couldn't pinpoint, and it made him feel strange, like nothing else mattered, and he didn't know, didn't understand why. But when that moment, that fraction of a second was gone, Kanda always pulled away, growling as he got up from the bed, dressing without a word, keeping his eyes on Mugen where it lay discarded in front of the wooden door, not once looking at the smaller boy sitting on the edge of the bed. And when Allen tried to break the silence, when he tried to make the other exorcist understand what neither of them really knew, what neither of them really wanted to know, he was usually silenced by a sharp look and a quiet 'shut it, moyashi' - but sometimes, just sometimes, Kanda would look at Allen, mouth curled up in a mocking smile, a smile that signalled so many things at once, and sometimes, just sometimes, he would take two long steps back to where Allen was sitting, shove the boy back down onto the mattress and kiss him hard, hair falling over the other's head in a way he knew the boy loved - dark blue strands entangled with white.

Tags: fanfiction: d.gray-man, fanfiction: kanda/allen, fanfiction: manga

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