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l o c k i n g. u p. t h e. s u n.

Graphics by rommipullo.

taste of blame
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This is a community for me, rommipullo, to post everything from icons to fanvids, and you are most welcome to join or friend this place so you'll easily see the latest updates. The stuff you'll find here will vary a lot, but mostly it's
« graphics (icons + the occasional headers and wallpapers)
« screencaps
« fanvids
« fanmixes

« Comment [makes me feel better if I know that my stuff is appreciated :)]
« Credit [Yes please do! That way others will be able to find this place. Don't know how to credit? Then you should check this out.]
« No hotlinking [This should be obvious! Hotlinking is evil.]
« Please, do not alter any of my graphics or redistribute my vids/fics. It's okay only if I say so

Not so difficult, eh?

« Credits & resources

« Original layout overrides created by halare, header made by me

« 100_kingdom
« berrybone
« icebliss
« icontraption
« imladris713
« kuribati
« sundry_icons
« tenicons
« unbiddenshadows
« yarinige
« _blackrose89_
« lessangel_icons
« synnesai

Want to affiliate? Just comment on the newest post and I'll add you - will probably make an actual affiliation post at some point, but... Yeah. :D