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icons #36

Homg, I'm actually updating. PARTYTIEMOMGYAY. No manga icons, though, so apologies for that. I'll try to post some TRC goodies next week or something. *nodnod*
Anyway. This post is... weird. I do like most of the icons, but still. And I'm sorry about the ridiculous amount of DBSK icons - I just couldn't stop making them. o.O

Oh, and new lay! Well, okay, new header, but anyway. Jae~ ♥

« 18 Aiba Hiroki
« 28 alice nine.
« 65 DBSK
« 15 the GazettE
« 18 Miyavi
« 18 Nakamura Yuichi
« o9 Shirota Yu
« o8 misc [Fujita Rei, Matsuyama Ken’ichi, Saitoh Takumi, Yanagishita Tomo, Utada Hikaru]
TOTAL - 179

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